About us

Hey !

Phoscus team here 😊

We know what you've been asking yourself "How do I pronounce Phoscus? "
Easy. Like "Focus"

It was a pun created by our founder. "Phos" means light in Greek, and "cus" means... absolutely nothing. It was just for the pun.

Huh, yes, we know, it's... terrible.

For any complaints please address directly to our founder. The legend says that he believes it's funny 🤫

So, let's get back to the presentations! We are a small team of peoples (what, you thought we were robots ? 🤖 ) who loves adventures. Actually, we love it so much that we are the kind of peoples who take pictures everywhere to capture the moment with our phones.

But sometimes some pictures are just, meh. 😶

That's why we created Phoscus 🚀

We want to allow peoples to take the best pictures possible without having to buy an expensive camera. We provide our community with plenty of tools to take the best pictures possible with their smartphones. From Camera Lenses to Tripod, we offer everything you'll ever need to take cool pics and grow your social media accounts with tons of followers ! 😎

Also, since we love traveling, all of our products are designed to be portable. Yay!


If you have any question about us, you can contact us using our contact page or by sending us an email at hello@phoscus.com